Shrapnel - 8/14/11

The big news for Jackets fans is Cannonfest this afternoon - we're still hearing from those looking forward to the shindig.

Pro Hockey Talk sent Joe Yerdon out to Team USA's development camp last week, and he likes what he sees taking shape.

ESPN ranked the prospect pools / "futures" of all 30 NHL teams. Puck Daddy isn't thrilled with their logic. For the record, ESPN has the Jackets at 18, while Hockey's Future has the team at #4.

So, that kid who sank a shot from center ice to win $50,000 for college? It turns out his twin brother took the shot. Even if they have to forfeit the prize money, I have a feeling that Disney will be coming around to offer them an option for the movie rights.

PHT looked at the best "steal" contracts in the Central Division.

The Islanders are planning a viewing party of their all out warfare against Pittsburgh from back in February when it's replayed on MSG. Puck Daddy is pleased the Islanders are embracing their externalized self loathing defiance in the face of everything, while PHT is a bit concerned that they're glorifying the game for the wrong reasons.

After some speculation that Scott Hannan could have been a fit in Columbus (or several other teams), he's finally landed in Calgary.

North Dakota's sports programs appear to be Fighting Sioux no more.

Larry Brooks of the NYPost is thrilled that Shea Weber made bank, as an arbitrator finally showed an NHL team his strong pimp hand.

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