Shrapnel - 8/13/11

It's Saturday! According to internet regulations, that means it's time for pictures of cats.

You've heard this before, but more and more people are talking about Cannonfest. Are you prepared? Have you been counting down? What is important is that it arrives TOMORROW! Please come out, join us, and let's make this a weekend to remember!

Over at Puck Daddy, they're looking at the developing story of new, shadowy bidders for the Coyotes, and the rise of an "out clause."

Blue Jackets hockey school continued yesterday, and the team put up a picture of coach Dan Hinote posing with the participants.

Crimespree Hockey takes a look at rule changes they hope to see make it to the NHL after R&D camp, but Ryan Lambert wants them to stop messing with what works.

Over at the Dispatch, Michael Arace thinks the Jackets need to partner up with the Cavaliers.

PHT's "Best and Worst Sweaters" series hit Columbus yesterday, and he has a lot of praise for the current third jersey.

Seems like Wayne Gretzky has found a new career - acting as his son's agent.

Jackets head coach Scott Arniel went on NHL Home Ice yesterday to talk about the offseason and his plans for the coming campaign. You can hear the complete interview here.

If the Flyers are going to succeed next year after their massive retooling, Scott Hartnell is going to need to be a big part of their offense. He's looking forward to the challenge.

Former Denver University captain Kyle Ostrow has signed a deal with the CBJ affiliated Chicago Express of the ECHL, and will be attending training camp. He's a bit small, but consistently put up points at the NCAA level, and is an excellent penalty killer. Should be interesting to see where he sticks.

I'm a huge nerd (shocking, I know), and I'm a big fan of Wil Wheaton - not just for his acting, but for his writing career and the fact that he grew up into a really cool guy. (And did we mention he's a goalie?), so when Puck Daddy interviewed him for their Guilty Pleasures, I might have let out a squeeing noise. Even if he is a Kings fan.

Mr. Martini asks, Where My Jackets Swag At?, as he wanders the vapid retail wasteland that is Polaris Mall.  Oh, excuse me. Polaris "Fashion Place."

Justin Bourne touches on how a player's exit interview usually goes at the end of a season.

Finally, the Jackets have another one of their "Say What?" videos up, asking the guys about favorite summer memories.

That's it for today - take it easy and have a good one!

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