Shrapnel - 7/31/11

Have you been to the State Fair? They have an astronaut made out of butter. It's life-changing.

Plus, you can get a corn dog that's as long as your arm. has their "offseason assessment" up for the Central Division, including the Jackets. Not sure I'm sold on their line combos, or the fact that they see John Moore making a push, though. I got the impression he still needs some time, but we'll see.

Ryan Dixon at THN has a nice little hit on wooing UFAs in the salary capped universe.

A nice look at Scott Arniel by a Winnipeg Jets fan site, talking about his time as a player in addition to his arrival in Columbus to coach.

It's time for the logo map again, just in case you wanted visual proof of how ridiculous it is for the Jackets to be a Western Conference team.

Have you seen the "CBJ_Boomer" parody account on Twitter? Some comedy gold here - just be careful about running the joke into the ground.

Gary Roberts once tore the throat out of a rabid kodiak bear with his fingernails. (He'd have used the whole hand, but he wanted it to be a fair fight). Now he's telling Jamie Benn to lay off the popcorn.

A neat story of one fan (in Florida no less!) learning to play hockey.

Chris Osgood's retirement also means the end of an era for his preferred helmet. (There's a chance for a last gasp, though - I recall Rick DiPietro rocking one of Osgood's spare lids when he made a few appearances this season following his fight because it put less stress on his recently busted nose than a conventional setup, so it's possible it could still make an appearance on the Island now and then.)

Have a lazy Sunday on us, guys - and don't forget that we're now only 68 days away from the start of the regular season!

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