Shrapnel - 7/29/11

Did you catch the Blue Jackets "Slap Shots Summer Special" last night? A lot of people did, judging by Twitter, and we're all jonesing for hockey now, though some people have...different methods than others of dealing with it.

Aside from the quick look around the offseason by Fox Sports Ohio, the other major Jackets news yesterday came from Steph Greegor of the Other Paper, who took a look at how the Jackets' ticket woes are affecting their payments to Columbus City Schools as part of the franchise's deals with city of their taxes. Not what you'd call "good" news, but very interesting and well presented.

So, remember how Nikolai Khabibulin was going to be doing hard time in Tent City as part of his seexty days in ze coolah? Yeah, turns out not so much. I've never actually been to jail? But I have a feeling that being allowed to go home and hang out in my living room for part of each day is not really a normal punishment.

The Jackets have announced that Vinny Prospal will be wearing #22 this season. Commodore jersey owners, start your razors!

On Puck Daddy, Justin Bourne takes you through the process of creating new helmets over at Easton. Very cool!

Maybe Garth Snow could use a better lid - his decision to trade for Brian Rolston strikes me as someone with a serious head injury.

Rick Nash (and Aaron Johnson) is on a boat. Sadly, it doesn't look like T-Pain was invited. (Note: The previous link is nowhere near safe for work. Unless you work in a Tourette's clinic.)

Icethetics blogs on the return of the Trenton Titans, the unveiling of the new St. John's AHL franchise, and a bit more discussion on the Winnipeg Jets' new jerseys based on the gear that's been released so far.

Jannick Hansen dodged his arbitration hearing, leaving four hearings left on the slate - Shea Weber (Monday), Zach Parise (Tuesday), Mark Fraser (Wednesday), and Blake Comeau (Wednesday).

Have a good one! We'll be back with more tomorrow!

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