Shrapnel - 7/26/12

Not surprisingly, a lot of the news out there has to do with Rick Nash. At Backhand Shelf, there's a bit of Getting To Know You, while Crimespree is just happy that things are back to business, and Martini Hockey notes that it's time to get going.

Brandon Dubinsky met the media yesterday, and he's excited to be here. I like that he's honest about "this is what you expect to hear, but really, I'm serious." He knows people are watching him, and I suspect he's quite aware of the perception problems that lurk after a deal like this. Oh, and because it must be said: Nice suit.

At Strait Jackets, Dannie has a good breakdown of how the trade affects the roster, and Jeff Little has a look at what to expect.

Between DBJ at the Union Blue, you have about every phase of the healing process: anger, analysis, introspection, acceptance, and growth.

On the other hand, you have Michael Arace, who seems to think we need to keep assigning blame. I ask this: Does it really matter, now?

Yes, I'm sure Scott Howson could have handled things differently. The same goes for Rick Nash and his representation. But the fact is that we're done. The divorce is final, the belongings divvied up. It's time to move forward, and one last lingering moment to point fingers doesn't help anyone.


Interesting pre-trade post from the Peanut Gallery looking at the lack of identity. I think this is going to be a pretty key season - Todd Richards has a plan for how he wants this team to perform, and I think he has the right players to do it. I'm curious to see how the room responds.

A little more fun from Backhand Shelf with a visual history of the EA NHL video games, the story of Peter Forsberg's disappearing spleen, Logan Couture had an "oops" on Twitter, Shea Weber is saying all the right things after his offer sheet was matched by Nashville, and a minor league hockey club is preparing to play all of their home games outdoors. I'm sure it will be a logistical nightmare, but I have to admit that sounds pretty freaking awesome.

That's it for the moment, but we'll be talking again soon. Until then, keep your knees loose, and mahalo.

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