Shrapnel - 7/19/11

Well, it's Tuesday. I wish I had more in-depth commentary for you, but really, what else is there to say?

First, though, let me admit that we were remiss in not wishing CBJ play by play man Jeff Rimer a happy birthday yesterday. To celebrate, it appears Jeff filmed an interview with GM Scott Howson, then went to Sizzler!

Speaking of GMs, Islanders fans are starting to take a look at Garth Snow after 5 years of his efforts, and wondering if the team is actually improving. Admittedly, Scott Howson doesn't come up for a similar review until next year, but what do you think? The two men are in interesting parallels, particularly considering these are "smaller market" teams with arena issues who need to make the playoffs to re-invigorate a fanbase. Are the Jackets better, today, than they were when Scott Howson stepped into his office for the first time? Right now, you have to think yes, but you also have to wonder about what happens this season, and if the aggressive moves pay off...

On a bit more serious note, Montreal columnist Pat Hickey said some rather nasty things about the late Derek Boogard after the Rangers announced that they would create scholarships to honor his memory. Bryan Reynolds over at Hockey Wilderness put together a moving defense of Boogard, his past, and his work in the communities of Minnesota, New York, and his own home town. Very much worth taking the time to read.

Perhaps because of some of the moves he's made, it seems fans in Ohio consider the Jackets easier to root for and less disappointing than the Browns and Bengals. So. Um. Yay? I think.

It appears Chris Osgood will hang them up today, and is expected to announce that he is joining the Red Wings front office as a goalie development coach. The "Is he a hall of famer" debate is interesting - you can't deny that he has the championship hardware, and you can't deny that he had some impressive performances when it mattered...but on the other hand, for my generation, my mental image of "Ozzie" is him sitting on the bench, wearing a ballcap and tossing Dominick Hasek a Gatorade now and then, not being a dominant starting goaltender. The Hall of Fame has some confusing inductees (or non-inductees) at times, but have to think that if Osgood gets in, it's going to be quite some time. There are simply too many slam dunks waiting in line already.

LTL takes a look at shot blocking last season for the Jackets (among other things), and some of the names you'll see will surprise you.

Alert: This shootout goal by Ryan Strome has 100% chance of being SICK. Also, hey, televising the rookie game? Interesting idea...I hope someone from Fox Sports Ohio was watching.

Jeff at TMM is taking a well deserved vacation, but leaves us a few tidbits for while he's away.

On Goal Analysis did a 2 part series looking at NHL realignment. Part 1, and the scenarios suggested there, will not thrill you (imagine getting rid of Nashville, but adding Washington to the Central? OW.) but part 2 has some more interesting ideas.

DBJ is having some offseason photoshop fun, Mary at FTC is lamenting her lack of CBJ gear this offseason, and the Jackets are looking for a few good (looking) people to join the Pepsi Power Patrol.

Speaking of the shootout, the Rangers (and particularly Henrik Lundqvist) were dominant in the skills competition last season (perhaps making up for 2009-10?, but there are some interesting names in the top 10 shootout goal scorers.

Finally, it looks like Jared Boll will be making an appearance on Adam Neft's radio show on 97.1 tonight!

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