Shrapnel - 7/18

Lots of stuff going on today, not the least that I shocked a friend almost to death when I admitted I wasn't planning to go see The Dark Knight Rises. I can't help it, I'm more of a Bruce Timm guy than a Christopher Nolan one, I guess.

On the hockey side of things, I'm tempted to joke that the Boston Bruins are truly stepping up their pursuit of Rick Nash by signing Aaron Johnson to a new deal.

Speaking of, some interesting stuff at Crimespree Hockey discussing who should get the "C" after his departure, and how it should be awarded.

Personally? I'm more "earn it" than "give it", but I'm still pretty high on a couple guys who I think could end up with it when all is said and done.

At Puck Daddy, they look at the idea of the Wings making a "serious" offer for Nash, as we discussed earlier today, R.J. Umberger makes an appearance in the year's best hockey hugs, and a fascinating interview with Ilya Bryzgalov.

Amazingly, the chat with Mr. Universe isn't the best interview you'll read today - that honor goes to the guys at Mile High Hockey, who have an incredibly in depth talk with former Avalanche enforcer Scott Parker that I'd go so far as to call Must Read just for his discussion of the Todd Bertuzzi / Steve Moore incident. (Part One) (Part Two)

Looking to play Rec Hockey? Bourne's got more good tips, and finally....let's talk about Cannonfest.

As of yesterday, you can now go to sign up for (FREE!!!) tickets! DBJ explains why we're doing it this way this offseason, but it basically comes down to this:

  • We think a lot of people will show up.
  • We want everyone to have fun.
  • We want to make sure we have everything we need available to make sure everyone WILL have fun.
  • We don't want to get hauled off in irons by the Fire Marshall.

The more we know in advance, the better we hope this year's get together will be, so please help us help you!

Have a great night, and congratulations for surviving hump day!

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