Shrapnel - 7/13/11

Congratulations on making it to Wednesday! Assuming we don't get drowned by thunderstorms again before the weekend, everything's downhill from here. Unless you're a Devil's fan, in which case you're going to need to wait for next week. Maybe. These things aren't clear.

One of the most fun parts of getting ready for a new season is finding out if your goaltenders will have new masks or pads for the occasion. While we know Mark Dekanich is still designing his new gear, Steve Mason gave Jackets' fans on twitter a sneak preview of his new mask.

Speaking of Twitter, you may have heard about a fake Jeff Carter account popping up over the weekend? Jackets' manager of communications Ryan Holtmann showed off his strong pimp hand in having it removed, then unveiled a pair of official Twitter lists for those who wish to follow their favorites - one for players / staff, and one for prospects and the official Springfield Falcons accounts. Great resources! Thank you!

Johnathan Cheechoo, perhaps one of the biggest case studies for inflated stats due to a linemate, has earned another shot at the NHL thanks to St. Louis. One of the more interesting parts of his contract is the fact that he gets a $120,000 "bonus" if he does NOT get called up to the NHL. I can't decide if that's a brilliant piece of modest self-realization, or incredibly depressing lack of self confidence.

Over at Jackets Report, Rob takes some time to size up the moves made by other teams in the Central Division, and how the Jackets stack up. He also found a Finnish report that former Jacket Sami Lepisto might be a possible bottom pairing option for the New York Rangers, and that the Finnish Twitterati wishes to stay in North America rather than return to Europe at this point.

For fans of diabetic horse effluence Coors, you'll be glad to hear that the NHL's mega-sponsorship deal with Molson-Coors was upheld in court. Good for the NHL, bad for hockey fan's taste buds. (Seriously, we can't get Elevator Brewing, Rockmill, or more than one handle of CBC in the entire arena? Bah.)

Dannielle Browne is back at it with an excellent look at the numbers behind the James Wisniewski deal. And she changed her URL. AGAIN. Not that I'm trying to follow all you guys to keep up with the different bloggers. *cough*

Apparently Teemu Selanne feels fine. He hasn't decided if he'll play next season or retire, but he feels fine. Well, that's nice. Maybe he can travel back in time to the 1980s and save a pair of humpback whales before he sits down with Bob Murray.

LTL gives a recap of the summer so far, and he's excited for what Scott Howson and J.P. McConnell have put together.

The Dallas Stars signed Eric Godard on a two year deal, adding an enforcer to a team that needs to protect their top star in Well. They added an enforcer? Maybe they're just enjoying Mr. Biznasty's incipient dread.

Another Twitter find - sports photographer Aaron Doster has been tweeting some gorgeous Jackets' photos.

Joel Ward, the former Predator, is ready to turn up his game for the Capitals, hoping to repeat his postseason success. Meanwhile, Eric Fehr, whom Ward replaced, was rather surprised about his trade.

Finally, a step outside of hockey for a moment. The Fan's Lori Schmidt is asking you to take a moment and make a difference. Please take a look.

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