Shrapnel - 7/12/12

Time for another nice late night Shrapnel, to help you take the edge off a slow week.

If you haven't already heard, it's Teemu Time once again!

Meanwhile, Crimespree Hockey has a roundup that includes, among other things, the Rick Nash watch, and the Peanut Gallery continues his Ontario tour.

At Jerseys and Hockey Love, Tapeleg shares thoughts on a potential lockout and some general thoughts on the current state of hockey.

Curious about players going to arbitration? The NHLPA has the full schedule.

Color me really curious about Sam Gagner and Sergei Kostitsyn. Would they be good fits in Columbus? Maybe, maybe not, but they're players who would be interesting if their teams chose to walk away from the award.

Burnside Carbine has a few thoughts on prospect camp, and The Coach offers his take at Union Blue. For an added cool factor, check out this video on of Cam Atkinson all mic'd up.

Also over at the team's website, Rob Mixer looks at the team's strong defensive core, one of whom (John Moore) will be at Front Street Friday tomorrow afternoon.

On the subject of social get togethers, Cannonfest is coming...and you can vote for this year's logo!

One of the groups helping us with this year's Cannonfest is the Arch City Army, and they've got a whole new website.

Hockey Prospectus offers a look at the team's prospects, and Distinct Kicking Motion brings up some painful memories.

Icethetics has some pretty cool jersey concepts, and Dom Jansky looks at the Alexander Semin free agency saga.

Puck Rakers has more Nash outtakes and Alison over at Union Blue things about the trade that is...or isn't.

Swinging over to Puck Daddy, Solider Field want a winter classic, Roberto Luongo is a half decent poker player (but Dan Ellis wants his job), there are a lot of questions about JVR up the middle in Toronto, and Cam Janssen opened his mouth and a torrent of PR headaches came out. I've got a feeling the Devils will be talking to Cam about several of his word choices.

At Backhand Shelf, there's thoughts on what makes a guy "good in the room", everything you wanted to know about the ECHL, the mystery of Jonathan Towes' car crash, and some squicktastic reporting on Dylan McIlrath's prospect camp knee injury.

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