Shrapnel - 6/20/2011

Happy Monday, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. We at the Cannon hope you had a great Father's Day.

We've heard the salary cap was likely going up, and we've now had reports confirming that next year's cap will be $64 million.

That gives Columbus some more flexibility, but on the other hand, the same can be said of everyone else.

The Boston Bruins hit the Today Show after their Stanley Cup win - notice how most of them are shaved, but Tim Thomas is still rocking the lumberjack beard? He did carry a stache for much of the regular season - perhaps we've finally found the source of his powers.

Speaking of teams glad to hear the Cap is going up, Steve Yzerman and the Lightning have their work cut out for them to get Steven Stamkos signed to a new deal.

Over at DBJ, Tom looks at the coming offseason, and the new outlook from Scott Howson - what he calls "Howson 2.0", as he attempts to rework the roster.

Has Tapeleg found the Worst Jersey Foul Ever? No, but it's up there.

Puck Daddy did a great tribute to the retiring Mark Recchi, featuring insights from fans of every city he's played in.

A comparison of Gary Bettman and Roger Goodell points out that Bettman's doing a better job than we think.

The Bruins celebrated with $100,000 champagne, but Marc Savard, still suffering post concussion symptoms,doesn't really feel like a party guy right now.

That's it for now, but we will be covering Scott Howson's 1:30 pre-draft press conference this afternoon, and we'll likely have more afterwards. See you then!

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