Shrapnel - 5/6/2011

In some ways, it hardly seems like a week has gone by, and in others, it's like it's been forever.

We've seen some big swings for the teams still in the playoffs, as the Lightning swept the Capitals right out of the postseason (thanks for making my prediction look good, guys...), the Sharks appear to be on the edge of doing the same to Detroit, Boston giving the Flyers all they could handle, taking a 3-0 lead into tonight's matchup (and making some wonder if history could repeat), and the Canucks pushing Nashville to the brink, with a potentially deciding game 5 on tap for tomorrow night. (Oh, and the Green Men had a bit of fun with Nicole Kidman.)

Over at the World Championships, Scott Arniel had a fascinating interview where he recalled his memories of being part of one of the first organized World Junior teams, Antoine Vermette appears to be near returning to the ice after suffering a knee injury in a Team Canada exhibition game, and Team Canada and Team USA will meet up today at 16:15 CET in their first qualification round game. (That's about 10:15 here in the US, but sadly it is not available on Versus this morning. I believe it'll be tape delayed tonight, but on the other hand, there are worse reasons to stop by the R-Bar for "breakfast".)

Over here at The Cannon, we've started our Draft Prospects Profiles series, which will run through the month of May, while Lou took some time to get his thoughts about Mike Commodore off his chest. Dan took a look at Ryan Johansen's continued playoff success in the WHL, contrasted by his continued suspect playoff facial hair, and I took a look at R.J. Umberger and the possible comparisons if he should sign a contract extension this summer.

Over at Dark Blue Jacket, Tom took some time to consider the state of Juice, while Gallos considered if we need to specifically look for free agents or trades with more "snarl".

Over at The Other Paper, they've got the scoop on Jared Boll taking part in the "Make CF History" hockey tournament to help the Ohio Cystic Fibrosis foundation. (Don't worry, guys, he's just signing autographs. Put your gloves back on!)

At Light the Lamp, they continue to give you tips on cheap Jackets gear, offer sheets, and his own look at Umby and his future with the Jackets.

Last, a moment of pause. This week saw a major change in the face of the world with the news that the United States had found (and killed) Osama Bin Laden.

While we generally prefer to keep our politics out of our hockey, American or Canadian, if  you happen to see a member of the American or Canadian Armed Forces today, thank them, and let's hope that those abroad will remain safe, and can return to their families soon.

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