Shrapnel - 5/21/2011

Reports from Australia, New Zealand, and England all indicate that the Rapture appears to be a bust.

Not a single dinosaur, angel, space alien, or zombie in sight.

I'm still holding out hope for the dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, at some point in the last five years, the word "Beast" shifted from an adjective, to a noun, to a verb. I personally blame ESPN for this, but I have to agree that Joe Thornton just Beast all over the place as San Jose took game three from the Canucks. Almost 26 minutes of ice time, ten of which were spent on the power play. Insane. Though the Sharks did their best to give it away late, Jumbo Joe laid one hell of a foundation for this game.

Meanwhile, even as the Globe and Mail continues to report on the potential return of the NHL to Winnipeg, Thrasher fans are taking the time to tell each other about their favorite games or first experiences at Phillips Arena. Well known fan video genius Skraut has his own tale to tell, and it all warms your heart, even as you feel for the fans caught in this limbo.

The many faces of Raffi Torres.

Everything old is new again, which is why the Coyotes bought out Petteri Nokelainen before signing him to a new 1 year deal.

Puck Rakers has a brief update on the status of Ken Hitchcock, and the Jackets' own coaching vacancies. Before you scoff at the idea of Todd Richards potentially landing in Columbus, I would remind you that Minnesota had an 18.2% conversion rate last year, compared to Columbus' 14%, and a 20% conversion rate at home, compared to the Jackets' 12%....

Meanwhile, the NY post seems to think Hitch has his own plans, and they're coming up Jersey.

Over at Ten Minute Misconduct, Jeff gave a look at the week that was, and perhaps most excitingly, says that his Lifting The Shroud series, something of a follow on to his great look at the Arena situation, will be starting up this weekend. Can't wait to see what he has to say.

Tom over at Dark Blue Jacket figures that where there's smoke, there's fire, and by that logic, Winnipeg is aflame, and Mary over at Fire That Cannon decided to hedge her bets re: the end of the world as we know it, and discussed her many hockey regrets.

A bit more quiet, reflective morning? Perhaps that's only appropriate. You look at the shattered remnants of Friday night's partying, when some part of your mind hoped there would be nobody left on Earth to complain about the mess, look for the mop, and brew up a pot of coffee as black as the sins you now regret committing to quite so much excess.

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