Shrapnel - 5/18/2011

A bit of an experiment today - we're going to start seeing if we can find enough interesting things out there to give you a look around the internet with your morning coffee on a daily basis, instead of weekly. All part of our quest to be your #1 source for Jackets' news and notes.

First off, the obvious - if you were under a rock last night, you missed one hell of a playoff game, where the offense flowed, the defense was optional, and Brian Burke started drinking Pepto by the case as Tyler Seguin put on a show.

In other big news that is NOT about potential realignment (but we'll get there), Daniel Carcillo was suspended for two games at the start of next season due to jackassery. Nice to see some consequences there for going after the refs on and off ice.

A bit of a feel good story - after recovering from eye surgery earlier this year, former Jacket Manny Malhotra skated in full gear for the first time yesterday. While he is still doubtful to play again before next season, we've always known that Manny was a battler. Sometimes the heart can command the body to feats beyond mere human strength.

Now, to the news of the Jackets...

Not surprisingly, the news that continues to dominate the Jackets' blogosphere is a keen eye on the potential relocation of the Thrashers to Winnipeg, and if it might allow Columbus to move to the Eastern conference as a result.

The latest news is that negotiations are ongoing, but the Truth North group wouldn't mind a financial leg up from the Provincial Government. (Why pay out hard cash when you can slide in some government cheese, after all?)

TSN's Darren Dreger suggests that the Thrashers are very much in flux as he reviews the possible scenarioes, and suggests that perhaps the "Manitoba Thrashers" (or whatever they end up being called) would end up staying in the Southeast for a season before the NHL unleashed a league wide realignment.

Jeff Little, though he also supports the idea of the Jackets going East, makes the good point that historically, East and West have meant very little to the NHL's alignment, and offers a suggestion of how a new realignment might work out.

Martini Hockey weighed in, and not only is in favor, but for the first time I've seen gives some very solid reasons why the Eastern Conference as a whole would NOT want to see Detroit move.

Over at The Dark Blue Jacket, it's a case of wondering just how much Atlanta as a city cares, and perhaps suggesting that the way news has broken lately on this story and the Jackets' financial losses might not be a coincidence.

The Fourth Period's David Pagotta, though, thinks the Jackets are a lock to move, using much of the same arguments that you've seen here or throughout the community, particularly from a financial standpoint. (And interestingly, he also notes that the Jackets' plan to go with an even higher payroll this summer - sounds like Scott Howson has some oars in the water...)

Speaking of the off-season, TSN's Scott Cullen released his yearly "Off-Season Game Plan" for the Jackets, and while there's nothing we didn't already know, it's at least worth taking a look to see how someone on the outside judges the team.

In news that has nothing to do with the team moving, but might get you moving in the stands, Light The Lamp took a good look at the bio of Columbus' new director of game ops, and also took a look at how some of the top prospects have been rising and falling in the ISS Rankings heading into this June's draft.

Our draft prospect profiles will continue later today, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop should any breaking news occur. Thanks for starting your morning with us!

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