Shrapnel - 4/6 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Power rankings, backlash, Eastern race, more milestones, clinching , and more!

BlueJackets XTRA:

For anyone who noticed, Chad Kolarik made his NHL debut last night. However, unlike all the others to play their first games this year, Kolarik almost didn't make it to the arena before game time.

Just days after Umberger's questionable comments about the Capitals playing style, the backlash has finally come out. All of this verbal firing back and forth is making for a great inter-conference rivalry. Since the Jackets and Caps always play tough games against each other, this should add for extra motivation in the future.



Game recap via Porty. I haven't seen any highlights, but I'm guessing Tkachuk's hit was more than questionable. I'd be pissed off if I were playing in St. Louis too. Tool.


Yahoo! Sports:

Puck Daddy's Three Stars. Nothing too special here, but, is there ever?

With just three games left, the Eastern Conference race is white hot. I think the Canadiens and Bruins make it, and the Rangers sneak by the Flyers to round out the top 8.


Milestones must be a popular thing this year. In case you missed it, check out my post from last week about the CBJ and the milestones they achieved this year. Meanwhile, in the rest of the league, one goalie looks for win number 600 (I'll give you one guess who it is) and a player hits the 1,000 game mark.

Here's who can clinch tonight, and how they can do it.


Power Rankings:

CBS Sports: 29

Fox Sports: 25

ESPN: 26

Columbus Dispatch: 24

Bleacher Report: 27

TSN: 27


Quote of the day:

"Murray is going to be possibly out for a while"

- Claude Noel with a "kinda sorta" assessment on Andrew Murray. Wouldn't count on him playing in either game with Detroit. Get your Syracuse rosters ready, who is up next?



What Eastern Conference team falls short of the playoffs?

New York7

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