Shrapnel - 4/22/11

With the offseason well in swing for the Jackets, it's time to revive an old feature - our "Shrapnel" posts looking at what's going on around the Blogosphere for the Jackets, and for hockey in general.

First off, here at The Cannon, we've been producing our exit interviews to look at the team after this season, and how they met (or failed to meet) expectations.

Over at the Dispatch, there's an interesting look at former Jackets' coach (and now head coach of the St. John's Sea Dogs) Gerard Gallant.

Want to play some hockey and do a good deed? Consider signing up for the first Make CF History charity hockey tournament, benefitting the Central Ohio Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

After Tom over at The Dark Blue Jacket put up some interesting questions about the Jackets' TV deal, Todd Sharrock confirmed to Business First that the current announcing team isn't going anywhere. That may or may not be a cause for celebration.

Speaking of DBJ, his crowdsourced NHL awards are up! Go take a look at who took home the hardware!

Dannielle over at Straight Jackets is doing her own look at the Jackets "By the Numbers" this season - very worth taking a look. Here's Part 1 and Part 2.

On the World Championships front, Puck Rakers has reported that the boys are off on their way to Europe, though Jan Hejda made the decision to decline his invitation.

Speaking of the Dispatch (and coverage of the team), take a look at Playing Twister over at Ten Minute Misconduct.

Fire The Cannon has a look at the Jackets' prospects in the second round of the Major Junior and CHL playoffs.

In NHL news, one of the most hated third jerseys is slated to go away.

It's been an exciting start to the playoffs, where no lead is safe, but unfortunately one team couldn't muster up enough juice to stop the onslaught of the Detroit Red Wings. As their future goes increasingly cloudy, even if you want to see another team in Canada (and the rumors of the Jackets potentially being able to move East if conferences are realigned notwithstanding), take a minute to think about the fans who are stuck in limbo right alongside their team. No closure, no hope, no confidence for what tomorrow may bring. It's a miserable feeling - and one that a lot of Ohio fans know all too well if you or your family followed the "old" Cleveland Browns. It's not something we should be happy about. Today, in sympathy, we are all Phoenix Coyotes.

There will be more as we roll on this offseason - keep tuned to The Cannon as we finish looking at what was, and start looking towards the future and this year's NHL entry draft!

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