Shrapnel - 4/20/12

Yes, it's April 20th. Yes, someone will make that joke. You have probably made that joke. I will not make that joke.

What I will do is point you over to yet another curious clock malfunction, though this one A) did not involve the Kings and B) has an explanation that makes sense. Y'know, actual human error instead of "Coloumbs."

Not bitter. Not bitter at all.

Meanwhile, Mr. Martini has a look back at the season, Scott Arniel was lent to the Canucks, and Adam Proteau has a must read sit-down with Patrick Burke, head of the You Can Play project.

At Fire That Cannon, they're looking at Rick Nash and future leadership, the Dispatch touches base with Boone Jenner, Bob Hunter has several Jackets goaltending tidbits in his Rumblings column, and a transcript of the usual weekly airing of grievances that the Dispatch calls a "chat."

Backhand Shelf points out that the discipline process is totally broken, Paul Bissonnette was tossed for a fight strap violation from last night's Coyotes / Blackhawks game, Jordin Tootoo is upset about being scratched, Martin Brodeur was amazing last night, and playoff beards just keep growing.

If the hockey gods are kind, we could see Detroit and Pittsburgh knocked off tonight. It should be a very interesting night to catch a game.

Oh, and did we mention tomorrow is Earth Day? Save a tree. Buy a composite stick.

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