Shrapnel - 3/8 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: The latest on Manny, Free agency, lineups, Brass' injury, Crosby on Letterman, headshots, knee-to-knee hits, and more!

Lets do this.

BlueJackets XTRA:

This interview with former Jackets C Manny Malhotra gets his thoughts on where he is now, and his former team. After reading it, I'm very disappointed. So, you're telling me you took a one-year, $700,000 dollar deal over a three-year deal, making twice as much? Have fun in the playoffs.

The ONLY good thing I see from the Torres trade was the availability of more money to spend in free agency. But the question is, do we use it on a number one center, or the right defenseman? I think we need to keep Russ, Klesla, Commie (no choice), Hejda, and Stralman. Its not that I dislike Tyutin, or Methot, but someone has to go.

Howson's take on the value of a shootout. I don't think awarding 1 1/2 points for a shootout winner is going to solve anything. However, I do think something needs to be done about overtimes/shootouts/ties.

Here are the lineups we should expect to see tonight:


Los Angeles - To think, we STILL could've drafted Anze Kopitar...



Wonder what happened to Derick Brassard? Only to a Blue Jacket...


Yahoo! Sports:

Wow, Crosby REALLY wants his stick back. I thought such a stand-up, giving, caring guy like him would want a fan to have one of his hundreds of hockey sticks.

Speaking of the golden boy, he recently turned down an offer to be on David Letterman. In the spirit of the late night talk show host, I give you the Top 10 reasons Sidney Crosby passed on being on the Late Show. Reasons 6 and 7 would be enough for me to skip out on Letterman.

There are very few things more serious in hockey than a knee-to-knee collision. Should there be an automatic penalty for these vicious hits? Two games won't cut it. These hits can seriously injure, and even end careers.


Today through Wednesday, all NHL GMs will meet in Boca Raton to discuss headshots in the league. Hopefully they discuss other career and life threatening injuries that take place on the ice. Oh, and all the GMs...meeting in Florida...and some colleges are already on Spring Break. Coincidence? I think not.


Quote of the day:

"To add we will have to subtract and what we do remains to be determined. Maybe it's a trade, maybe there is a trade that makes sense to help the back end."

- GM Scott Howson on the d-man situation heading into free agency.


Fight of the weekend:

Columbus RW Jared Boll v. San Jose D Brad Staubitz

Honorable Mention:

Dallas C Steve Ott v. Pittsburgh RW Craig Adams. Video.

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