Shrapnel - 3/4 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Fallout from yesterday's trades, Clitsome back to Syracuse, Brass injured, Crosby's gear, and more!


Now that the dust has settled here's another look at yesterday's deadline moves. A note on Torres, he said he didn't think it was fair to the other players to take the 2 year/$4 million dollar deal. Torres also said the deal wasn't for him. Buffalo really is getting a great locker room guy in the deal. Team first mentality, can't take that for granted.

After a decent first NHL game, Grant Clitsome is on his way back to Syracuse. In return, Columbus is recalling Mike Blunden. I can only ask why Blunden?

Derick Brassard could possibly miss Saturday's game due to a hand injury.


BlueJackets XTRA:

The countdown has begun. 113 days until the draft. The Jackets have 8 guaranteed picks, plus two conditionals.

Aside from the NHLers we traded away, we finally got rid of Alex Picard. In my opinion its about time. He was accomplishing a huge pile of nothing in his days in Columbus Syracuse. Good luck in Phoenix.


SB Nation:

The winners and losers according to SB.

Chimmer scores in Miller's return in net.


Better call Scooby-Doo and the rest of the gang! The equipment Sid the Kid was wearing last Sunday after the gold medal game has gone missing.

TSN's take on winners and losers. The panel, including former Jackets Michael Peca, take a look at the moves from yesterday.


Yahoo! Sports:

The "dreaded" trade deadline report card. Awful lot of mediocre grades given out on a less than stellar day of trades.

The Penguins got a steal when they acquired Alex Ponikarovsky from the Maple Leafs. However, they will be without his services until Saturday at the earliest.


At the end of the day, I think the team that helped themselves the most was the Phoenix Coyotes. 7 deals, a league high, helped them establish depth, and added some offense to their lineup.


Quote of the day:

"I'm disappointed I couldn't stay, it's been good here. It just wouldn't be fair to other players if I took the deal. I just have to sit it out and see what happens. The deal just wasn't for me."

- Raffi Torres. Good luck in Buffalo, we'll miss you.


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