Shrapnel - 3/25 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Jacket's season opener, clinching a playoff spot, Brass, lineups, jerseys and more!


Two Jackets miss practice, but one is likely to be in the lineup to face Chicago. Fedor Tyutin is suffering from a swollen knee but says he's good to go. Jared Boll on the other hand, won't play tonight. He's still bothered with a bruised hand.

There's good news and bad news regarding the Jackets and the revenue sharing per the current CBA. Good news: Columbus will qualify for a full share equal to $10 million dollars, and potentially more. Bad news: It won't go towards relieving the millions in debt with the lease agreement. I think even a little bit towards the lease would go a long way to solving the problem.

Via Puck-rakers. Looking to see the Jackets open their 2010-11 season? Don't be confused, they're still playing in Sweden but you can book your travel arrangements now.


BlueJackets XTRA:

Lines for tonight:


Chicago - Looks like they're not going to show up (I'll take it). Look for Chicago's lines in the Game Preview.

The pressure on Derick Brassard this season has been overwhelming, even for us as fans. He's handling the pressure as well as he can, but he's hardly having the kind of year everyone expected. Brass will spend the summer in either Columbus or Montreal to work on his strength. We can only hope he doesn't spend his time working out with Commie. We DON'T need that.


A lot is on the line tonight as teams jockey for position in their conference standings. Check out who can clinch tonight and what it will take.


Yahoo! Sports:

The Player's Association has approved, and the league will instill the temporary rule against hits to the head. This will just be a stop gap for the remainder of the season, and through the playoffs. The rule essentially protects unsuspecting players from getting hit in the head. I think this rule will rely more heavily on the discretion of the referees. Its not the best solution, but its a step in the right direction.

The Caps and Pens played another thriller last night. This time, a shootout was needed to determine the winner. The winning goal came from an unlikely source. Highlights.

Jerseys, jerseys and more jerseys. Columbus isn't the only team to debut new shirts next season. Note to the editor: The Cannon is NOT obnoxious. Jerk. The concept art can be seen here.

It happens every year - Somewhere in the league a player takes a wild chance on a shot, and oddly enough it goes in most of the time. If I were Jonas Hiller, I'd ask for some extensions on his skates to make him taller.


The Hockey News:

What is one of the prime factors in buying a home? Location, location, location. In the case of the NHL this article discusses relocation, relocation, relocation. No mention of Columbus (thankfully) but potential new homes for teams could include Seattle, and Kansas City.

Quote of the day:


Fight of the night:

Islanders LW Trevor Gillies v. Rangers LW Brandon Prust


Which concept jersey would you like to see next season?

First (New-look CBJ logo on the front)3
Second (Blue/Grey with the Cannon on the front)10
Third (players number on the front)2

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