Shrapnel - 3/23 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Devil's D, Commie, lineups, childhood heroes, power rankings, and more!


You thought playing in Nashville was bad? The Jackets have never won in New Jersey, and tonight won't be any easier. The Devils are good on defense. How good? Top 10 in goals allowed every year since Columbus joined the league.


Blue Jackets XTRA:

I think its interesting in sports when young players get to play against their idols. Tonight, as we know, Steve Mason gets thats feeling when he sees Martin Brodeur in the other goal. Even Brodeur had the same butterflies the first time he faced, in my opinion, the greatest goalie of all time in Patrick Roy. Hopefully Mase doesn't focus too much on his idol and less on the guys in front of him.

Good to see Mike Commodore could join the party, finally. He says, after a season full of injuries and poor play, he's back to his old self. We'll see how good his old self really is tonight. I miss the old Commie, the one that bangs people into the boards and makes them think twice before skating into the zone. Go get 'em, Commie!

Lineups for tonight's game:


New Jersey


Yahoo! Sports:

Early talks going on about the Players Association seeking a slight change in the proposal made by the league's GMs. The NHLPA hasn't given details to the rule change but so late into the season, thats not surprising. Supposedly the change won't be ground breaking, but it will be different.

A very serious, and scary accident happened last night during the Canadiens/Senators game. I know its a rare occurance but I wonder if this will lead to more protection for the players. Should it?

The season series between the Wings and Pens is over, so if they are to meet again it'll be in the Finals. As for last night's affair, Detroit defeated Pittsburgh 3-1 in Joe Louis Arena. Every time these two teams meet, it feels like one of the longest rivalries in the game. I think its always worth watching when they face off.


As noted yesterday, Grant Clitsome will make his return and join the team tonight in New Jersey. I liked what I've seen from him so far. Don't be surprised to see him make a big push to make the team next year.

Weekly report. Notables: Games against New Jersey, Chicago, and New York. Juice's hot streak, and Garon remains unbeaten.


Power Rankings:

Columbus Dispatch - 24th

ESPN - 28th

CBS Sports - 29th

TSN - 28th

Fox Sports - 25th


Quote of the Day:

"Any time you get a chance to play against an idol, whether it's a Joe Sakic or a Mario Lemieux, it's a special moment. For me, it would be more of a cool thing to talk about with my buddies. (Brodeur) was one of our favorite players."

- Steve Mason talking about getting to play aganst his idol tonight.



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