Shrapnel - 3/1 Edition


Time to get back to reality. The Olympics are over, and the NHL is starting up again. We're heading down the home stretch! It will a lot to make the push for the playoffs, but we can't give up hope!

In this edition of Shrapnel: Canada wins gold, former Jackets, Rusty, Vermette, Mason, the end of a career, and more!

BlueJackets XTRA:

More bad news regarding Rusty Klesla. The poor guy can't catch a break. I'd rather him miss the rest of the season and get healthy again then risk losing him permanently.

Meanwhile, things are on the up-and-up for Antoine Vermette. What difference a year makes. Going from 3rd/4th line centering for Ottawa, to top line, and mentoring Brass for us. He's one reason Scott Howson is so good at his job.

From buyers to sellers. A story we know all too well.

As the season starts back up, Steve Mason looks to return to form. He'll need to be nothing short of unstoppable to carry the Jackets back into the playoffs.



Hejda and Tyutin have returned to Columbus to resume practice. Looks like all the boys are back in town, with the exception of El Capitan.

Here are the lines from this morning's practice. Since when was it ok to replace Rick Nash with Andrew Murray? There was no other option?



Former Jackets: Q-S, and T-Z. I've said it before and I'll say it again, bring back Nik Z!!!


Yesterday's Gold Medal game is arguably the greatest hockey game ever played. Yes, it even rivals the Miracle on Ice.

USA coach Ron Wilson on his team taking the silver.

As surprising as it is, Crosby was not named Olympic MVP. That award went to an American. I have a whole new level of respect for this guy. It was so upsetting to see him with his head held low after the tough loss. He deserved to win that game. Congratulations to you, Ryan Miller.


Yahoo! Sports:

Check out this photo gallery remembering all the good times from the Olympic games.

One Finn is calling it quits internationally, and maybe professionally as well.

The R** W**** put one of their own on IR, and activate another.

You know, I've never really cared for these so called "expert columnists." Ross McKeon helps support this fact. Let them play if they want!!!


Quote of the day:

"Wave to the girls"

- Coach Noel after noticing a group of women sitting close to the glass, watching practice closely. The players all waved.

"It was the players' fault. They did not protect their coach."

- Jan Hejda after covering coach Noel with snow. He was forced to skate a lap for being the last skater to a team meeting.

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