Shrapnel - 2/6/12

Tomorrow, we get live hockey again. Fantastic!

Unfortunately, that news does not hold true for Brett Lebda, who is out indefinently after requiring thumb surgery. The d-man was hurt early in the Anaheim game, and will be out until his thumb has healed.

On the plus side, it looks like James Wisniewski is skating, so he could be back in the next week or two, and with luck we'll get Nikita Nikitin back in the near future as well.

Plus, there's been the silver lining of John Moore being surprisingly good.

Meanwhile, Scott Gomez hasn't scored in a year (though he ALMOST managed a deflection yesterday afternoon), Ms. Conduct talks about being a newbie goalie well into middle age, and a wealthy businessman wants to build an NHL caliber arena in Seattle, so of course we're speculating that they, too, could be the new home of the Phoenix Coyotes...

Oh, and I hear there was a football game last night. (Was it me, or were the commercials kinda underwhelming this year?)

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