Shrapnel - 2/23/12

Unsurprisingly, the news around the Jackets has been dominated by the trade of Antoine Vermette to Phoenix. Would it be crass to joke that we gave him up for Lent?

Not surprisingly, people aren't thrilled with the team dropping salary and picking up picks instead of players. Some have taken the route of wishing Vermette good luck, and I think that's the best road to take.

Finally, we also have to remember, as Jeff puts it, that this is an early part of what is going to be a long process. Don't just look at trading Vermette - we may not really be able to judge these moves until we see what the team looks like at the start of training camp.

Meanwhile, the NHLPA released a snappy web version of the player's poll that was conducted for Hockey Night In Canada, Jo looks at Douglas Murray's recent throat injury at Backhand Shelf, and Tapeleg isn't thrilled about the Avs picking up Steve Downie.

Looking back towards home, Icethetics looks at the ASG logo design process, CTF has another prospect report, and Full Mental Jackets hits the boiling point looking at the radio coverage (or lack thereof) in Columbus.

Puck Daddy looks at teams likely to get reinforced at the deadline, Ralph Nader responds to their criticism of his anti-fighting stance, and more hockey hugs.

At SBNation, Travis argues that if the team really is going to move Rick Nash, they need to wait for the draft, DBJ has some glass bangers around the bad optics of Howson's recent actions, and Martini Hockey continues to look at potential "bubble deals" with a focus on R.J. Umberger.

Crimespree Hockey looks at the potential deadline frenzy, TMM celebrates the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, and the Dispatch takes a look at Jeff Carter's streaky scoring.

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