Shrapnel - 2/18 Edition


In this edition of Shrapnel: Yesterday's online chat, the lack of hockey love, a DUI, today's hockey schedule, and more!

Lets do this.

BlueJackets XTRA:

Transcript of yesterday's Jackets chat.



Proof that hockey in general, not just the NHL, is still being overlooked even on the biggest stage of sport. NBC sucks.


Yahoo! Sports:

I thought this only happened to college football players and NFLers. Goalie arrested and charged with a DUI.

More outbursts over the lack of hockey love.


Teemu Selanne is just one point away from having an Olympic record all to himself.



Tonight's hockey action:

The US takes on Norway at 3:00

Rick Nash and team Canada looks to drop Switzerland at 7:30

Milan Jurcina and Slovakia faces off with Fedor Tyutin and Russia at Midnight

Other Happenings:

The US took a huge jump in the medal standings yesterday. If you missed Shaun White's snowboarding run, I highly recommend you find a video and watch it. The guy is insane.


Quote of the day:

“We have one purpose in being here. We came here to win.”

- Team USA GM Brian Burke

This question was asked on so I thought I'd try it out here. What team will score the most goals in the tournament?


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