Shrapnel - 2/14/12

Happy Valentine's Day! May it be a special day with your special someone, or a day you quietly sneak through before grabbing a bunch of discounted chocolate tomorrow, depending on your preference.

A long whispered rumor is out: Rick Nash could be moved. But then again, we've been hearing that the team was willing to listen about Nash deals since the wheels spun off earlier this year. Is it really going to happen? Stay tuned.

Rick Nash is the kind of player that can make any team better. But it's also fair to consider that as much as he likes Columbus, this relationship hasn't been working as well as either side had hoped. If rebuilding the team to support him did not succeed, perhaps it's time to pursue other options, especially if the return is great enough to outweigh the pain of losing the perennial all-star.

In related thoughts, check out Jeff's talk about winning, losing, and whining over at TMM.

Outside of Columbus, Backhand Shelf has the story of a frozen lake rink, a talk with Pat Quinn, and a story of Maritime badassery in the 1900s.

Both Carry The Flag and DBJ had positive thoughts on the recent Tweetup. Here's hoping the team repeats this concept going forward!

CTF also features their usual prospect reviews, Lori talks with James Wisniewski at Fear The Hat, and the Dispatch elaborates on his hopes to build a winner here.

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