Shrapnel - 2/11 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Opening games next season, the Salmons family, Mase's turn around, the Olympics, power rankings, and more!

Lets do this.


Its been made official. The Jackets will open the 2010-11 season in Stockholm, Sweden, taking on the Sharks in back to back games.

Please keep the Salmons family in your thoughts and prayers. We all know that last May, Ryan Salmons lost his life in a battle with cancer, and two days ago his grandfather, Carl, passed away from a heart attack. My deepest sympathies and best wishes go out to the Salmons.


BlueJackets XTRA:

Transcript from Wednesday's chat. I have four words for you: Bring back Jody Shelley.

Did we win last night, or did San Jose lose? I firmly believe we just outplayed them, but I'm sure a little bit can be attributed to 8 of their players wanting to make it to Vancouver healthy.

What has gotten into Steve Mason? Whatever it is, I hope it stays long enough to rally off about 20 more wins.



In the red corner, a former Jacket who was asking a bit too much for a new contract last summer. In the blue corner, a FA brought in to take his place and solidify the checking line. I have one question for you, fans, who ya got?


Yahoo! Sports:

Puck Daddy's Three Stars. 40 saves!? Are you kidding me?

With all due respect, I believe THIS is the best box score ever.


Tune in to NHL Hour on or sirius XM tonight at 6. The guest host will be the one and only Ken Morrow from the 1980 US Hockey Team.



In the spirit of the Olympics, remember that miracles do come true.


Power Rankings:

ESPN - 26th (25th last week, and we fell a spot after winning two straight. Someone shoot me.)

Fox Sports - 26th

CBS Sports - 27th

TSN - 29th (Fell from 28th? Seriously?)

Columbus Dispatch - 25th


Quote of the day:

"I was so happy for Jake. He scored, and it was a big goal for us, to go up 2-0."

"I think it's the passion coming out of everyone right now."

- Derick Brassard

Fight of the night:

Ducks RW George Parros v. Oilers LW Jean-Francois Jacques


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