Shrapnel - 2/11/12

Interesting times are afoot.

For the Jackets, there is the less than welcome news that Curtis Sanford's back is flaring up, but countered somewhat by the surprise that James Wisniewski is planning to play tonight, and that Jared Boll could be back next week. Meanwhile, Marc Methot reported on Twitter that his surgery went well, but his jaw is wired shut, meaning he is basically done. Though he will hopefully recover quickly, losing muscle tone from not being able to eat normally is a given, and by the time he's unwired and able to get himself back into game shape, it could easily be May.

Injuries have been a nightmarish constant, but the Jackets are, at least, not suffering alone.

In Chicago, the seat is getting rather warm under Joel Quenneville, and speculation is beginning to grow that his job is not safe. If the Blackhawks do make a change, expect Coach Q to jump straight to the top of the list of interviews for the full time coaching position here in Columbus.

Meanwhile, former Jacket Nikolai Zherdev took a few for the team over in Russia, including an elbow drop that looked more WWE than KHL.

At Maritini Hockey, he's a little torqued off at how the Canadian Press is hounding Gordie Howe instead of supporting his medical battles.

Ivan Pravilov, the Ukranian hockey coach arrested on suspicions of sexual abuse, appears to have killed himself in his cell.

The Red Wings, on the other hand, won again, and Winnipeg may be the next host of the Canadian Heritage Classic. (For the record, that would mean the three teams that were the biggest backers of realignment got an all star game, a winter classic, and a heritage classic awarded to them. Consolation prizes? Mmmmaybe.)

Over at Puck Daddy, trade speculation continues to follow Teemu Selanne, Jeff has some Friday Follies at TMM, and Backhand Shelf offers thoughts on speed vs. intent, goalie porn, and anti-beerability.

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