Shrapnel - 12/8/11

In case you missed it, the Jackets have hired Craig Patrick to become the Senior Hockey Advisor that the franchise has been seeking since last season.

We've got reactions from Puck-Rakers, LTL actually has a few thoughts, Jeff weighs in at TMM, and Greg feels it's another positive step over at DBJ.

Over at Icethetics, they're non-plussed about recylced ASG jerseys, but also bring up a good point that we don't know what will happen to the ASG after re-alignment goes through.

It's better late than never - a recap soundtrack at Strait-Jackets for the win over Montreal!

At Backhand Shelf, it's business as usual and Justin takes in a game at the ACC.

At the Dispatch, Michael Arace thinks leaving town may be the only option for Derick Brassard.

After a powerful series in the New York Times on the life of Derek Boogard, Bruce Ciske has some thoughts over at the main SBNation page.

At CBJ Blog, Andy talks about his realignment concerns.

Something awesome: Bernie Parent will play in the Winter Classic alumni game, and he's bringing his iconic goalie mask with him.

Finally, your Puck Daddy roundup: David Booth is out after a nasty knee on knee hit, it's been 20 years since one of the most memorable bench brawls, a dude made his own jersey out of ring mail, and Theo Fluery has a bit of a Christmas Miracle.

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