Shrapnel - 12/3/2011

Good morning - yeah, staying up wasn't nearly as fun as last night, was it?

Feel free to survey the damage from our recap, Martini Hockey, Puck-Rakers, DBJ, and LTL.

At Backhand Shelf, Brian Burke does a video interview to discuss his efforts against bullying in his son's memory, and also how Brendan's death made him med fences with Edmonton GM Kevin Lowe. (Can we start using the phrase "rent a barn" when guys square off? Please?)

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison talks about Pink At The Rink.

Some interesting / nasty stuff at Puck Daddy: Nathan Gerbe catches a skate to the face from his own teammate, why two recent hits avoided supplementary discipline, good news for David Perron, who will return to the lineup tonight, and Dmitry talks to Alex Ovechkin about the turmoil in Washington.

Over at DBJ, it's time for lineup bingo. He also took a look at realignment heading into the board of governor's meetings and the consensus seems to be that any solution will be set up to please Detroit.

Bourne thinks the problem in Washington is the focus on defense.

Finally, Jeff talks Derick Brassard, Scott Arniel, and the problems in Columbus. Well worth a read.

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