Shrapnel - 12/29/11

Good morning! It's Thursday. I'm sorry, but I don't have much else for you right now.

At Backhand Shelf, they talk about Blake Comeau's excellent adventure, a Systems Analyst look at the Capitals breakdowns, and how the Quiet Room actually works.

At CTF, Dan looks at the attendance factor and the Columbus fanbase, while Howye works on getting a new perspective over at Fire That Cannon.

SBNation looks at how the Winter Classic really started in Las Vegas, while Pierre LeBrun looks at changes on the horizon in Columbus and other cities.

Alison looks for a few things to make you smile at Heart of a Jacket, while Tapeleg suggests how to best start a hockey blog. (Not surprisingly, step 1 is "Don't!")

At DBJ we have more A-List and glass bangers, while Jaromir Jagr explains how Ray Shero turned him off on going back to Pittsburgh. Oops.

At the Dispatch, they look at the harder than normal road the team has traveled this season, while Derek Dorsett unburdens himself about the frustration of losing.

At Jackets Report, Rob has a scouting report for tonight and some post workout quotes from yesterday afternoon.

Finally, Elliott Friedman has a new 30 thoughts for the CBC, Puck Daddy takes a look at last night's episode of 24/7, Jeff Carter is handed a fantasy WTF award, and the most shocking moments of 2011 focus on the many tragedies off the ice.

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