Shrapnel - 12/28 Edition


I think we've all come to terms with it. No playoffs this year. The team is just spinning in circles, and going nowhere fast.
And away we go!

From BlueJackets Xtra:

The fans are speaking out. I'm trying my absolute hardest to stay positive, but damn is it hard.

Stop the bleeding he says, everyone has to buy in he says, we'll turn it around he says. There have been so many chances to "turn it around." Its like Carrot Top, the same old shtick gets old fast.

Probable lines for tonight:




A should have been sent ages ago. Its a little late to start rallying the troops. Just beat someone.

Yahoo! Sports:

Ross McKeon's power rankings. Being the holiday season, he thought it would be cute to say what each team wanted for Christmas.

An interesting look on hockey's impact in pop culture. When the decade winds down, its the best time to look back and remember all the things you loved and hated from the last 10 years. Personally, I loved the South Park episode and the movie Miracle, that appear on this list.

Alexandre Picard has been recalled and should play tonight against the Wings. Spark? Maybe, we'll find out tonight.


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