Shrapnel - 12/28/11

Pretty much everyone is home from the holidays at this point, and that includes a heaping helping of recaps from last night's shootout loss.

Take a look at the reports from the Dispatch, Crimespree, Martinit Hockey, Strait-Jackets, DBJ, and Puck-Rakers.

We offer our own deathless prose, and Rob Mixer has postgame coverage and some predictable quotes.

Shawn Mitchell talked to Ryan Johansen yesterday about missing the World Juniors, while Bob Hunter finally sees Scott Howson losing patience and preparing to take action. (To which most fans should with a resounding "Well, DUH!")

Speaking of the WJCs, Backhand Shelf has a nice summary of the early action, discusses Marty Turco's trip to Europe, and a new episode of The Quiet Room looks at the injury situation in Buffalo.

At THW, Alex Stallings takes another look at the Jeff Carter trade.

Speaking of injuries, Crimespree talks about the "concussion epidemic" not being a new problem. Meanwhile, Shea Weber was shut down "indefinitently" yesterday.

Speaking of concussions, I'm kinda shocked that Wayne Simmonds didn't give one to Eric Brewer when he demolished him last night.

ESPN: Still ignoring hockey in the most classless fashion possible. Lovely.

Over at Puck Daddy, the Habs apparently love Subway, there are absolutely no Jackets featured in the best saves of 2011, and the Charity point isn't doing much for Columbus, but it's the only thing keeping San Jose alive.

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