Shrapnel - 12/27/11

As you may have heard, Boxing Day was unrewarding for the Jackets. Further details can be found at Puck-Rakers and DBJ, while Rob has an excellent all around breakdown at Jackets Report.

In case you missed it, the World Junior Championship started yesterday, with Jackets prospects Boone Jenner and T.J. Tynan both making big impacts for Team Canada and Team USA. If you're interested in some good natured ribbing and some good causes, please consider signing up for the Team USA vs. Team Canada charity drive over at The Sleeping Giant.

LTL looks at an interview with Craig Patrick, Curtis Sanford (and his hips) appreciated the holiday break, and DBJ broke out the boxing day glass bangers.

Over at Puck Daddy, Ron Wilson got a pretty nice Christmas present, players to watch at the WJC, and the top 10 jersey fouls. In all honesty, I'd swap #2 and #1, but that's just me.

At Backhand Shelf, Stat Geeks got some new toys for Christmas, and they continue to wonder if last year's conference champions will falter again.

Have a good morning!

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