Shrapnel - 12/24 Edition

I hope all of you have a very safe and happy holiday!! I also hope the Blue Jackets come out ready to kick some ass. I want Detroit to suffer on Saturday night. Anyone else remember what happened on November 11? Seems to me that all of our bad luck started after that game. Granted, we won the next two, but they were in shootouts. Since then, only two regulation wins. If we beat them Saturday, I'm convinced they were the cause of this. To victory!

And away we go!

From BlueJackets Xtra:

Hitch is a man of his word. The goalies will go back and forth until one of them can win. The flu bug is also passing through the team, which is just oh so pleasant.

This puts the losing streak into perspective. Hello top 5 draft pick!


Game recap. Plus there are some other little tidbits towards the bottom. Porty has the right idea, but I think we should make the players donate their salary until someone scores a game winner.

State of the Division.

Yahoo! Sports:

Rick Nash receives mention for his "stanky leg" shootout goal.

Amazing how we're still not in last place.

Its more amazing that thats the most decent thing I can find about Columbus on Yahoo! Sports.

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