Shrapnel - 12/23 Edition


There's a game tonight? Oh man...

And away we go!

From Yahoo! Sports:

Glad we're not the only ones. But seiously, Philly fans, we know your pain!

Get your Christmas shopping done, already!

Something is terribly wrong in Vancouver. Their residents are turning radioactive!

BlueJackets Xtra:

Lineups for tonight, as always, something will probably change.



Why is Jared Boll playing nice with the enemy?

R.J. Umberger has been there. Maybe we can look into his past and find the answer to getting some wins.


More on the team meeting. Howson, Hitch and the "veteran" players had a little sit down yesterday morning to try to right the ship. Lets hope it works. My optimism flag is going up. Also, did someone say Grant Clitsome? Yes, please!

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