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Shrapnel – 12/17 Edition

I’m feeling good. Might be the Red Bull I’m sucking down, could be Christmas, it might even be because I can see Friday from here. So the chips haven’t fallen in our favor lately. Big deal. When they’re on this is a damn good hockey team. All bad streaks have to come to an end. Look at Carolina. I’m not saying lets all hold hands and start singing Kumbaya but lets stop moping around and get ready to start winning. ┬áIT STARTS TONIGHT!

And away we go!

From Blue Jackets Xtra:

The usual gameday stuff. Phoenix’s probable lines. Columbus’ probable lines. Chimmer centering Nasher and Umby? Sure, why not? They’ve tried just about everything else.

Anton Stralman, Kristian Huselius, Fredrik Modin, Sammy Pahlsson to return to Sweden next year. No, they’re not leaving the team, they’re going too. After what I saw from St. Louis playing there this year, compared to where they are now, three words. DO. NOT. WANT.

If you start calling for Hitch’s job, GM Scott Howson will fight you. He’s not going anywhere.

Rob Oller from the Dispatch asks “Are they still listening?” Who knows, kids these days with their video games, twitterbooks, facespaces, and ADD. Just no respect.


The recent NHL board of governors meeting was like a book club, lots of talking and nothing productive being accomplished. Howson is making it known he’s looking for the next piece of the puzzle. NHL, you’re on notice!

The Hockey Writers:

Hitch goes under the microscope. And yes, its still hard to figure out whats going on in his head.

For all you Chimmer-bashers, you need to appreciate his work ethic and his speed.

Did anyone stop to think about all the work scorekeepers put into a single game? Take a look.


We need Matt Calvert, John Moore, and Tomas Kubalik in Columbus. Now.

CBJ Classic:

Flashback to October 2008. Home opener. Nashville. Tribute to Mr. Mac. I was fortunate enough to be at that game. When they raised the banner honoring him, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. My favorite quote from the post game came from Commie:

“To be honest, I really don’t care. As far as I’m concerned I’m 1-0 as a Blue Jacket against Nashville,” offseason free-agent signee Mike Commodore said. “I know a lot of past times were tough and they obviously dominated the series and that counts for something; good for them. But as far as I’m concerned … I really don’t care.”

Author Update: From Puck Daddy:

I came across this article from Puck Daddy and had to include it. He mentions a story that claims some CBJ fans want to strip Nasher of the “C.” One word: Stupid. He also directly links the story that discusses the return of The Wizard to Columbus.