Shrapnel 12/14 Edition


Here's hoping our boys don't get a case of the Mondays tonight against Nashville.

And away we go!

From Blue Jackets Xtra:

Quick glance at tonight's game. Our team is statistically better on the PP and PK. Why does it feel like we're not?

Derek Dorsett won't be bringing us any more fights for Christmas. He's reportedly out for 4 weeks due his broken left hand. Surgery is set for today to repair some damage. Good luck, Dorse.

Coach wants to change up the top two lines. They look awfully familiar to me...

Again, Nashville counters with their typical low-scoring lines.

Yahoo! Sports:

If the playoffs started today, at least the Red Wings wouldn't make it. Thats something to be happy about, right?

Bill Davidge tries to explain "Hitch language" in Hitchionary III.

Promotional schedule. I highly recommend the "All you can eat" nights. Bring an appetite!

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