Shrapnel - 12/12/11

Just think about how neat it's going to be a year from now when we have 12/12/12 - and it will have the decency to not be a Monday.

Over at CBJ Blog, Andy is trying to arrange a game watching get-together, while it looks like the team at Fire That Cannon has added a few more folks.

At Backhand Shelf, Wild Fans are finding Religion.

At Strait-Jackets, Kat has some thoughts about the Boston game, while DBJ shares the Saturday AM STH Q&A.

Puck Daddy thinks it's curtains for Terry Murray, it looks like Marty Turco is (temporarily) off the market, and Nick Foligno could be in some trouble.

Puck Rakers has another Dorsett update, LTL takes another look at the injury and the game itself, and it won't shock you that the Jackets' PK is a franchise worst.

At PHT, they compare Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux, Ray Emery had a hot night against San Jose, the Avs got bag skated again, CHL president David Branch thinks that fighting is on the way out of Junior hockey, and we'll spin you out with your daily dose of cute.

Have a good one!

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