Shrapnel - 12/10/11

Good morning!

Hey, it's game day! We'll be talking more about that in a bit.

Yesterday, a big trade went down that most pundits regarded as a terrible desperation move...and the Jackets were nowhere near it. Even as Jim Rutherford gloats about unloading Tomas Kaberle, it's not like Spacek showed a lot in Montreal this season.

Over at CBJ Blog, Andy is talking complacency, while Cujo has some random Jackets thoughts at Crimespree.

The other big news was the sale of Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment (which owns the Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, and Toronto FC) to a coalition of Bell Communications and Rogers, the two largest media companies in Canada. This would be equivalent to ESPN and CBS Sports deciding to buy the Green Bay Packers, and Travis is still confused about what they're getting from it. (Also, we keep wondering if Pension Plan Puppets will have to change their name, now.)

Over at TMM, Jeff expands on his losing control piece a little bit, while we have a fanpost by CBJKing asking if it's time to say goodbye.

At Backhand Shelf, they revisit the best moves of the offseason, Puck Daddy wonders if new owners in Toronto make another NHL team in Ontario more likely, it turns out that Chris Pronger's "virus" is a concussion, and asking if the NHL needs to start punishing embellishment.

At DBJ, they name a first quarter "MVP", the Dispatch has a new Cannon Fodder out, Aaron Portzline points out the team can't start OR finish well this season, Ryan Johansen is NOT going to the World Juniors, and Scott Arniel was still pissed yesterday. We mean that in the "furious" sense, not in the "Drunk out of his gourd" sense you hear in England and some former commonwealths. But I couldn't blame you for the interpretation.

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