Shrapnel - 11/6/11

We're staring into the abyss right now, and the abyss just scored on a shorthanded rush.

Here is your requisite mix of "God, that sucked" from the fans and "Wow, SOMEONE needs to do SOMETHING" from outside observers.

Of course, if you want to Fail for Nail? All is going to plan.

I wish I could put more lipstick on this pig, but frankly, it just isn't going to happen.

So, here's some stuff from the rest of the NHL.

Third Jersey schedules at Icethetics, how not to break up a hockey fight, the rise, fall, and rise of James Neal, Rocco Grimaldi "Tebowing" (is it too much to hope for a Discount Doublecheck?), Mike Blunden made a big mess, Georges Laraque talks about Steroids, Tim Thomas has a sweet Mo' mask, Linus Omark essentially thinks Oklahoma sucks, the Red Wings really are this bad, and a vertigo inducing helmet cam video.

Two final thoughts: Anyone who thinks Rick Nash doesn't care needs to listen to this. The rage and pain in his voice told me, crystal clear, that he cares. He cares, and he's just as deep into the pain as any fan of the team. Probably even deeper, because he can't find a way to pull them back out.

Second thought: Zac Rinaldo, what the hell were you thinking? That "charging" call (aka: head shot) was beyond pointless. You were up 8-0. EIGHT to NOTHING. And you went head hunting. Between this, the Doughty hit, and the fact that you're one of the most penalized players in OHL history, isn't it time someone said "We don't need this guy in our league"? When he's hitting people with an intent to injure when his team is already winning by a blowout, that's not competition. It's not "fire", it's not an "edge", it's a sadist who wants to hurt people. Stop enabling him.

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