Shrapnel - 11/30/11

Welcome to the end of Movember, and say a tearful farewell to your proudly groomed topiary as millions of wives and girlfriends hand you a razor. You've had your fun, but it's time for the Tom Selleck look to disappear back into the mists of old "Magnum, PI" re-runs.

As things go, most of the Jackets news centers on last night's late-late game, with recaps from LTL, DBJ, and Puck-Rakers.

Over at Puck Daddy, Kris Versteeg hates the Panthers' schedule,life as a human hockey puck, and Jordin Tootoo bleeds all over TV.

Over at Hockey Prospectus, Jonathan Willis continues his "Fixing the Blue Jackets" series (registration required for this one), while I was given a call to come in and talk about the Jackets' woes on their HP Radio podcast after the loss to St. Louis on Sunday.

On the SBN hub, Travis argues that the Shanaban videos are doing their job, Paul Maurice was classy right up to his exit, Matt Cooke had a controversial goal waved off, and it's all on the players now in Washington.

We'll keep it simple and leave things there for this morning. Scoring Chances will be up later!

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