Shrapnel - 11/26/11

So, there's some kind of big football game today...but really, did you SEE last night's Jackets' game? Hot damn.

We've got our recap, the Dispatch, PHT, the Puck-Rakers version, and the opposition. Isn't it nice to be on the other side of the "goalie pulled, bad rebounds, team meeting afterward" stories?

Surprisingly, Brendan Shanahan has actually suspended someone once again, sending Rangers forward Andre Deveaux to the cooler for 3 games following an ugly hit on Tomas Fleischmann. He also sent Islanders star John Tavares a nice holiday card that included a $2,500 fine for a dirty slash.

The Jackets notebook for today features Derick Brassard getting back to the lineup and Steve Mason working to recover.

So after a certain level of hubbub, it turns out the Maple Leafs are not for sale after all. The guys at Pension Plan Puppets are relieved that they won't have to worry about rebranding.

Over at Strait-Jackets, Dannie is kvelling a little bit about the fact that she wanted the Jackets to sign Curtis Sanford.

At Backhand Shelf, Bourne is pretty pleased with the Winter Classic alumni rosters, while Puck Daddy turns around and pans them.

At Hockey Prospectus, Jonathan Willis is taking a look at why the Jackets are a better team than their early record indicated, and you will be shocked, shocked to see what he thinks is the biggest problem. Willis is going to continue his series on the Jackets over the next couple days. It'll be interesting to see what conclusions he comes to.

Another good Bourne piece talks about weight maintenance, holidays, and pro hockey, Cam Charron suggests the Predators and Lightning are in trouble, and Pizzo reviews a beer league handbook.

Over at DBJ, Greg offers his own salute to Vinning, while a Sens blog is trying to get to the bottom of "this Filatov Mess." Sound familiar?

Finally, over at Puck Daddy we have an illustrated guide to when NHL coaches are fired (Scott Arniel, don't feel too comfortable yet), and the Buffalo Sabres vs. the concept of honor.

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