Shrapnel - 11/25/11

Happy Friday! If you celebrated the holiday yesterday, I hope you had a wonderful day.

If you were out at midnight trying to get deals, you're crazy and thanks for stopping by to read before you go to bed.

The Jackets will be in action tonight, and the biggest news is tonight's milestone for Vinny Prospal, who will be playing in his 1,000th NHL game this evening.

Paul Deutsch only got one game in the show, but he's still making headlines, PHT looks at the Thanksgiving Special this afternoon, and you may have seen the NHL's Macy's parade float.

Over at TMM, Jeff Little discusses the Thanksgiving Thievery of the New Jersey game, while Puck-Rakers covers yesterday's optional practice and preparing for the Sabres tonight.

Over at Icethetics, we have a look at the Rangers' Winter Classic gear, to be unveiled officially on Monday, and the look for a new QMJHL franchise, the Sherbrooke Phoenix, which will replace the Lewiston MAINEiacs.

Yesterday's Jackets notebook focuses on shootouts, while PHT looks at the balanced scoring in Columbus.

At Backhand Shelf, a neat look at hits around the NHL, and Puck Daddy has long lists of what they (and their friends) are thankful for.

Finally, a neat jersey concept idea for the Jackets, plus a little pronunciation joke.

Have yourself a great day.

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