Shrapnel - 11/18/11

The science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon once said "90% of everything is crap."

Sturgeon was talking about writing, but it wouldn't be that hard to point him to the current season and get the same assessment, either.

We've got the recaps of last night's shootout loss from our own Dan P., DBJ, and Puck Rakers / The Dispatch.

Meanwhile, Filly don't do rebounds. Or forecheck. Or backcheck. Or play in the NHL.

At Full Mental Jackets, Greg is Mad As Hell, and that's probably not helped by rumors that Jeff Carter wants out of town. At this point, they seem to be rumors and nothing more, but it's a nasty return to the uncertainty of the offseason when Carter went silent following his trade. I don't blame him for being upset. I don't blame him for being frustrated with the current state of the team. But I do blame him if he's dogging it and demanding a trade out of town without bothering to compete.

Good news for Dallas: It looks like their ownership struggles may finally be over. Bad news for Jaromir Jagr, who left last night's game with a groin injury.

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison is concerned the team may be breaking things down too far, while Jeff goes on some Game Day Ramblings at TMM.

Over at Puck Daddy, yesterday included spectacular EN failure, tales of Matt Cooke from none other than Brad May, a chat with Jason Garrison about being a late bloomer, why OSU's student section is awesome, an old-school style wanted poster for Vancouver Rioters, and predicting Paul Maurice is done in Carolina.

In an interesting interview, Sabres owner Terry Pegula talked to Bob McKenzie of TSN about his commitment to Penn State.

At Backhand Shelf, Zdeno Chara ain't going to prison, they get one on one with Mr. Biznasty, a look at the five players with the most shots and 0 goals, and some early Calder candidates.

For prospect fans, Blueshirt Banter had a great interview with Rangers assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld to talk about running their AHL franchise.

A group is attempting to buy Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Marlie, Toronto FC, and Raptors. What makes this really interesting is that it appears Wayne Gretzky is getting involved.

Finally, DBJ offers a look at the buzz around RIck Nash and how he needs to handle the adversity of this season.

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