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Shrapnel – 11/13/11

I repeat, in case you missed it, the team actually won last night. It was not a fever dream. You did not hallucinate. Isn’t that amazing?

In addition to our recap you can check out Puck-Rakers and DBJ for their reactions, plus some (deserved?) incredulity from PHT that Steve Mason looked like an NHL goaltender.

In games you may not have seen, the Bruins and Sabres had a tilt last night that generated some controversy after Milan Lucic took a run at Ryan Miller. Miller responded after the game with grade A bulletin board material and Lucic fired right back.

We featured Scott Howson’s talk to season ticket holders yesterday, but another point of view is always a good thing – in this case one from Alison over at Heart of a Jacket.

Dept. of Awesome: A man who takes busted pro hockey sticks and turns them into amazing looking canes for charity.

Before last night’s game, Gallos had some thoughts about Winnipeg, Claude Noel, Nashville, and Atlanta.

At Backhand Shelf they’ve got some video game nostalgia and predictions of likely All Stars from Bad Teams.

Finally at Puck Daddy – the NHL hired sports documentary guru Ross Greenberg to reinvent how we watch hockey, and the possibilities are exciting.

Have a great morning, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!