Shrapnel - 10/9/11

After just writing a game recap that talks about why the team should be concerned about an 0-2 start, it's worth talking about a few other teams that Columbus should be compared to - the Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings, both of whom received four goal thumpings last night.

Like the Jackets, LA was the subject of major roster turnover (plus the added chaos of the Drew Doughty situation), while Tampa Bay was expected to come out and start challenging Washington for the SE division crown right out of the gate.

In Vancouver, last year's president's trophy winners were in a trackmeet in their opening game, losing in a shootout to the Penguins after getting down early and being unable to respond.

It is, simply, too early to panic, and with so many changes on and off ice, it's disappointing but not entirely shocking that we're seeing the team struggle a bit early. But if the Jackets can get themselves on track, there's no reason to think that they can't claw right back into the hunt.

Submitted without comment: Sean Avery has been offered an editorial job at Maxim.

Over at Heart of a Jacket, Alison talks about one personal victory on Friday Night, as fans responded to her hopes for the 50/50 fundraiser in a big way!

Backhand Shelf talks about the underrated fantasy hockey powerhouse that is....Steve Montador?

For a study in contrasts, check out Puck Rakers morning skate and post game pieces. You can almost feel the seething from Arniel's temper.

As if in response to Don Cherry claiming that hitting was dead in the NHL, Dion Phaneuf said "Mais, non" and delivered a thunderous - CLEAN - open ice check to Stephane Da Costa - on Hockey Night In Canada, no less. Also, not surprisingly, the CBC is reminding everyone that Cherry's opinions do not speak for their organization.

Over at Strait Jackets, Dannie has some numbers from the Nashville game.

The Winnipeg Jets open their regular season tonight, but they're getting off to a good start with fans by banning scalpers and "recalling" their former AHL mascot.

DBJ had recaps from opening night and Minnesota.

Speaking of possible Shanabanning, this hit by Cory Sarich on (ironically?) Matt Cooke doesn't look good. Brent Sutter claims it was an intentional hit to the why did Sarich raise his elbow and put a "hop" into his hit? I'd be far more likely to accept "tall guy hit shorter guy, sometimes accidents happen" if he hadn't left his feet before impact.

Over at TMM, Jeff talks about the Jackets working to gain focus. I agree that once they do, we're in for a ride.

Puck Daddy had a chance to ask Mike Green some questions he's getting tired of answering. But he was a good sport about the Vespa, and I think his advice to the Flyers and Rangers about those 24/7 cameras was interesting.

CBUS Cheap Seats had some Game 1 thoughts - I disagree with the assessment of Martinek, but it's good to see other opinions.

Lou has the nitty gritty, but some good news for the Falcons, who rebounded from an opening night loss to put the hurt on the Albany Devils. Way to go, boys!

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