Shrapnel - 10/3/11

We're now Lyle Odelein days away from the start of the Blue Jackets' season.

Look at the Odelein bobblehead on your desk.

Now back to me.

Now back to Bobble-Lyle.

Now back to me.

He's smiling a little wider, isn't he? That's because Bobble-Lyle is ready for hockey, and so are you.

So, where shall we start today? How about CBJ Blog, who has a raft of bold predictions to start your day.

Over in Seattle, a state legislator is drafting a bill to help attract the NHL to the emerald city by funding a new arena that could be used for the NHL and/or the NBA.

As he has done his entire hockey life, Cam Atkinson stepped onto the ice and opened the eyes of the Blue Jackets coaching staff. There's more detail on his arrival into the top six in today's Dispatch. Porty also teased on twitter that both Atkinson and Ryan Johansen are asking the NHL permission to switch numbers, so hold off on hitting the Blue Line for a few days.

Two moments of FAIL: scoreboard issues at the Verizon Center, and you stay classy, Wings fans.

Looks like LTL is ready for the season - plus a bit of pre-season stats and a lost and found exercise.

Former Jacket Gilbert Brule found himself on waivers today. He'll know if he clears by noon.

Eric Smith has some news about the Jackets' youth movement, which also caught the eye of ProHockeyTalk, while the Blue Jackets have started a new daily "Jackets Journal" feature - and the first installment focused on those same four young guns.

Over in Philly, the Flyers have some real roster headaches on their hands.

The Jacket Backers have announced new discounts at BW3 for their members, and their game watching party schedule for October!

Over at On The Forecheck, Dirk takes a look at the CBA to see if Alexander Radulov would have to clear waivers if he left the KHL.

Over at FTC, Stacy talks about what she's learned this pre-season, while Jeff Little took advantage of the break weekend to go curling. HURRY HARD!

J.P. has a review up for this year's edition of the Hockey Prospectus - as soon as my copy arrives in the mail I'll try to give you guys a nice look at it, too.

ESPN has 10 things you need to know about the Jackets.

PHT thinks Evgeni Malkin might be poised to do some damage.

If you're in Canada, you probably watched last night's Battle of the Blades episode, but if you're in the US we just have to settle for Puck Daddy's recap.

Edit: Two quick additions. First, The Score has launched their new Backhand Shelf blog, and I forgot to mention that closer to home, Columbus City Council will be voting on the arena deal tonight. If you're free, even if the bill seems quite likely to pass, it's worth attending to show your support. At this point only 26 people have called the Mayor's office or city council to talk about this deal. Show what you can do.

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