Shrapnel - 10/28/11

In the NHL, or any public sporting arena, it's pretty common to have the "Win and you're a genius, lose and you're an idiot" problem - especially for the head coaches.

In Scott Arniel's case, there's a distinct tone today of dissatisfaction from the fanbase: We've got takes on last night from Eric Smith, Martini Hockey, LTL, and DBJ. You heard the phrase "out coached" a lot on Twitter last night, and many fans were rather confused about why Ryan Johansen spent most of the night stapled to the bench.

Interestingly, the takes from the Dispatch, both in edited form and on Puck Rakers, were far more positive. The official recap in the Jackets' press box was fairly balanced, but pointed out that the Wiz once again logged over 27 minutes - even taking the heavy PP time into account, you have to be concerned about riding him into the ground. Don't break the new toy right after getting him, especially with his positive impact.

Over at Backhand shelf they're going Vintage Disney, predicting some coming trends, a pro goalie muses about entertainment, and if Rob Pizzo could hack into a player's account, he'd want to have fun with it.

Bad news: Jeff Carter is still unable to skate. Sounds like it's going to be next Thursday's home game at the earliest before we see him back.

So, did you hear about the gong show in Philly? If not, go check out all 17 goals scored by the Flyers and Jets. Yes, 17 goals. 17.

Over at NHL home ice, they're wondering what happened to the old Steve Mason - and I would point out that Mason really wasn't terrible last night, either, but his defense once again wasn't giving him any help.

The Jackets are likely to face Ray Emery and his awesome new mask on Saturday night.

Over at CBJ Blog, Andy wrapped up the case for Columbus. Not surprisingly, "they need to win" and "moving to the East would help them" come up a fair bit, but especially "they need to win."

Over at Puck Daddy, Ilya Bryzgalov talks about performance problems, we had a pretty hilarious own goal and an equally impressive scrap in the Boston / Montreal game last night, Kyle Turris officially wants out of the desert and his agent thinks the NHL is directing his GM not to trade him (tinfoil hatty, sure, but OTOH there is a small point, considering it is Phoenix), Dmitry chatted with likely #1 pick Nail Yakupov, they dug back into some internet shale to find glorious "fan pages", "The Player" speaks up about what NHLers feel right now about the Brendan Shanahan videos, the Legion of Doom reunion might be missing a guy, explains why we're still waiting on the verification line, and shows off some impressivehockey themed pumpkin carving.

From the Radical Idea dept: Jeff Little thinks Don Cherry and Phil Esposito should have their own show, while several NHL teams in the West want to relocate a bunch of AHL teams to more convenient locations. Not really convenient for the fans and employees in those cities losing their jobs and teams, of course...

For @&%^s and giggles, look at CTF's keys to the game from last night and figure out what the team did or did not do.

The NHL draft is headed back to Pittsburgh this summer, and PHT is already drawing up invitations.

Though written before last night's loss, Cujo feels pretty good about a 1-7-1 team, and his reasons are very solid even on the morning after.

Finally, have some post game presser goodies (from non-CBJ coaches) thanks to DBJ.

Scoring chances will be up later. Happy Friday!

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