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Shrapnel – 10/24/11

Sorry for the late arrival – I’ve come down with a bit of a bug. But that just means we get to be an even more comprehensive look at…wow, that’s a lot. Ok. Well, I guess we’ll get started!

At the Pucks and Stuff blog, Gallos shares a nice hat, but the eternal optimist isn’t finding a lot of things to laugh about. Meanwhile, Greg has his own Mental Monday at FMJ and wonders if it’s time to send Johansen down.

Right in line with that debate, the Jets have assigned Mark Scheifele back to his junior club, and the guys at Arctic Ice Hockey approved.

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Over at Fire That Cannon, Mary combines with a guest to tell a tale of The Night Before Wizmas, but Bob Hunter things it’s time to fix this mess even as Portzline argues that the team is searching for solutions. Jeff Little finds it baffling, but repeats that this is just game 8.

Some sad news from the College ranks – the University of Alabama-Huntsville, one of the few Southern schools with a Div I program, is reducing their hockey program back down to a club team. This, simply, sucks.

Speaking of things that suck: getting Winter Classic tickets is looking like a screw job for the general public. Even season ticket holders are being limited to two tickets apiece – and even then they have to purchase tickets for the alumni game and AHL classics, too.

DBJ finds some hopeful research on concussions, and a good point that the $64 million dollar roster is only icing a $40 million dollar team due to suspensions and the massive wave of injuries.

Some out of town roundups: Backhand Shelf looks at how whiplash works, why Phil Kessel could hit a wall, Ms. Konduct really likes Kari Lehtonen right now, and Ryan Johnson may have been a better NHL defender than people thought.

Over at Puck Daddy, we’ve got Jersey Fouls, Brett Hull performing epic trolling, Alex Burrows totally hearts Sami Salo, the Capitals are pretty damned good, and Battle of the Blades continues.

The guys at Crimespree Hockey think the Kings have some nice depth problems right now.

Over at Puck Rakers, Portzline talks about the team getting attention for all the wrong reasons, and Alison asks that we endure bravely.

But perhaps the best advice can be taken from Ted Leonsis, talking to his own fans: It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.