Shrapnel - 10/23/11

Good news: The sun came up this morning!

Like most of you, I was consumed by fury, then speechlessness, then simply couldn't stop laughing. My girlfriend, new to hockey but an old hand at black magic, is convinced there is some form of curse upon the club. Do the Czechs have a long tradition of black arts? Does Mike Commodore have a witch doctor on call?

In our defense, Backhand Shelf says "They can't possibly be this bad." They obviously have never watched the Browns, Bengals, or Indians. Ohio Sports can teach you a whole new level of excruciating.

Scott Arniel met with players individually before the game. One wonders what he had to say to R.J. Umberger or Antoine Vermette.

CTF talked about the glaring mistakes in Detroit and feared losing paitence if the team should lose. Over at Martini Hockey, Blue Jackets are...well, just go read.

Portzline had game 8 recaps in Puck Rakers and the main paper. Rick Nash is speechless. So was Gallos over at DBJ.

The Cannon Report just have to see it.

For those looking to inspire the team, Money On The Board is back.

Panic Buttons are being pressed in the Cheap Seats, Jeff seeks to analyze at TMM, and PHT describes it as agony. They aren't wrong.

There's more links out there, but honestly, there's a point where you just need to get off the computer, step away, and look for a fresh start tomorrow. I've got carpets to rip up, a run to take, a fan to hang, and a honey-do list long as my arm.

Scott Arniel told the players to take today off. I suggest the same. Get away, enjoy your family, your friends, your life. Breathe deep in the cool fall air, watch the leaves change, and we'll try this all again tomorrow.

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